Norton Safe Search Review

Norton safe search, a security software from Norton provides Internet users know whether the websites they’re about to visit are safe or not. This is crucial since almost every day there are reports of financial assets and identity theft being taken from computers through malware and ransomware that was downloaded from dangerous websites.

Norton uses a feedback system to monitor the Web. Users can evaluate the performance of websites and whether anything suspicious occurs while using these websites. Site owners are also able to submit their sites for evaluation. If they meet certain standards, they will receive a Norton Secured Seal that lets users know the site is safe and trustworthy.

With the Norton Safe Search extension for Google Chrome, you can get safety ratings added in the search results in the browser. This provides you with the best protection from identity thieves, phishing websites and online viruses. The extension is light and won’t slow down your computer.

The biggest issue is that Norton’s ratings aren’t listed in the search results for images, videos or news. This is a pity given the importance of these types of results to a user’s experience when searching. It would be great to see the Norton ratings displayed with ad search results since they are typically malware-infested or phishing scams. However this extension is worth a try to avoid the risks of browsing and shopping on the Internet.






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